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Akuma no Riddle SpecialAkuma no Riddle WikiAkuma no Riddle manga volume 1
Akuma no Riddle manga volume 2Akuma no Riddle manga volume 3Akuma no Riddle manga volume 4
Akuma no Riddle manga volume 5Angel TrumpetAtaru Mizorogi
Ataru Mizorogi/Image GalleryAzuma ClanBlack Class
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Collective DismissalConcentrationEisuke Inukai
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Grandmother AzumaHanabusa Financial CliqueHaru Ichinose
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Hitsugi KirigayaHitsugi Kirigaya/Image GalleryIrina
Irina/Image GalleryIsuke InukaiIsuke Inukai/Image Gallery
KaibaKaiba/Image GalleryKarami Azuma
Karami Azuma/Image GalleryKouko Kaminaga/Image GalleryKuzunoha Clan
Kōko KaminagaList of EpisodesMahiru "Shinya" Banba
Mahiru "Shinya" Banba/Image GalleryMako AzumaMako Azuma/Image Gallery
Meichi Yuri/Image GalleryMyōjō AcademyNPO
Nio KuzunohaNio Kuzunoha/Image GalleryOtoya Takechi
Otoya Takechi/Image GalleryParadoxPrologue
QUEENShiena KenmochiShiena Kenmochi/Image Gallery
Sumireko HanabusaSumireko Hanabusa/Image GallerySuzu Shutō
The Last PartyTokaku AzumaTokaku Azuma/Image Gallery
Wound InnocenceYesterday, Today, TomorrowYuri Meichi

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